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Nov 28, 2021

Note: This episode was initially recorded and released over three years ago (November 2018).  But with Part II of the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: REVELATIONS Netflix series released, I figured it would be fun to go back and revisit this early episode of the show.  Enjoy!

On this special episode I had the pleasure of speaking with actor, stuntman, and all-around man of action, Anthony De Longis! Fans may remember De Longis as Blade, Skeletor’s swordsman for hire tasked with tracking down Dolph’s He-Man in MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. In addition to facing off against Lundgren 30+ years ago, De Longis has truly made a name for himself not just in film, but as a renowned expert in bladed weapons, the bull whip, and mounted horseback. On film, De Longis has also squared off against Jet Li, Patrick Swayze, and David Carradine to name a few. In this spirited discussion, De Longis and I chat suiting up as Blade in 1987’s Masters of the Universe, teaching the likes of Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer the mechanics of the bull whip, and his very own school of adventure – Rancho Indalo, located in Canyon Country, California. Here, anyone can get one-on-one lessons in how to be action hero! Join Anthony De Longis and I as we discuss his career and much more!

Major thanks to Anthony De Longis for his time. Please check out his website:

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