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May 8, 2021

This month we’re discussing relatively new territory for Dolph — television! Thanks to the success of The Expendables in 2010, Lundgren had a huge public resurgence where he began to be recognized as a pop cultural icon of the ‘80’s who was game for anything! Since then it’s seemed like nothing is off limits, and he’s had fun playing with his image by popping up in commercials, reality game shows, and scripted television shows. On this episode David Rosen from the Piecing It Together Podcast returns to the show, and we discuss Dolph’s cameo forays in three comedic TV shows — 2010’s Chuck, 2015’s Workaholics, and 2019’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia! How does Dolph do at trading in his boxing gloves and machine guns for comedy? Listen in to find out!

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