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Nov 7, 2022

On this month's episode, we're looking at TWO DTV films starring Dolph, and BOTH involving him infiltrating the prison system -- 2015's Riot and 2017's Larceny! Yes, in addition to starring in TWO one-word title films over the course of TWO years, Lundgren muscled his way into TWO low-budget productions that both have him going undercover in the inside! In Riot, Dolph takes second fiddle to rising action star (?), Matthew Reese as William, a dim-witted inmate who helps a former cop seek vengeance on the Russian gangster who controls the penitentiary! In Larceny, Dolph plays a thief / DEA agent / CIA informant (let's be honest, we really don't know what in the heck his role is!), who sneaks into a Mexican prison to crack the secret safe belonging to a cartel drug lord! But how do both of these films stack up against one another? Let's just say that one is much, much better than the other... Chris Prentice returns to the show to help lend insight to yet another combo pairing of Lundgren efforts! In what ways did these films succeed in utilizing Dolph as the commodity that he’s become…? And in what ways do they fail (well, one of them at least)? Listen in as Chris and I tackle this double dose of Dolph, prisoners, shootouts, and fights!

Major thanks to Chris Prentice for once again joining me! Please be sure to check out the rest of the shows on The Last of the Action Heroes Podcast Network! Also, check out the show’s official website and Facebook page: Show’s intro. music is “Sports Action” by Audionautix. Closing song is "It's On" performed by Matthew Reese, which played in the closing credits of Riot!