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Sep 19, 2021

When an Asian city is overrun by the undead, the only chance for survival are a rogue army of robots and a lone mercenary named... Max Gatling! Yes, this month we're talking Dolph, zombies, and robots in 2013's Battle of the Damned! In this post-apocalyptic adventure, Lundgren stars as Max Gatling, a tough as nails soldier who is sent into a zombie-infested city to rescue an industrialist's daughter. Luckily, he has a small group of survivors and a few robots at his side to help him see his mission through! Joining me to chat this one is Ryan Rebalkin from Going the Distance: The Rocky Series Podcast! In what ways does this film cut corners in lieu of its budget (and to its advantage!)? How did Dolph and director, Christopher Hatton make the most of what was offered their way? And how is Dolph able to successfully outun the undead? Listen in as Ryan and I join the fight in the Battle of the Damned!

Major thanks to Ryan Rebalkin for joining me! Please check out his podcast, Going the Distance: The Rocky Series Podcast, which looks at all the films in the Rocky franchise. His show can also be found on The Last of the Action Heroes Podcast Network, which features other shows looking at the careers of fellow action stars!

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