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"I Must Break" This Podcast, Episode 72 -- The Package

Jun 14, 2021

It's an Expendables reunion! On this month's episode, Steve Austin and Dolph Lundgren deliver a heavy dose of high-octane action in 2013's The Package! In this gem of the direct-to-video genre, Steve Austin plays Tommy Wick, an enforcer and courier for a local mob boss who's sent to deliver a small package to Dolph Lundgren's vicious crime lord (cleverly named The German)! Jesse V. Johnson, frequent collaborator with Scott Adkins, directs a script written by Derek Kolstad, the man responsible for giving the world John Wick! And the results are everything you'd expect considering the talent working both onscreen and behind the scenes! Joining me to discuss this one is Richard Hawes, one of the hosts of The DTV Digest! What kind of flourishes does director Jesse V. Johnson employ to help elevate this film above the tons of others in the direct-to-video genre? In what ways are the origins of John Wick onscreen here? And what is it about this one that makes it one of Dolph’s best films in the wake of The Expendables? Join us as Richard and I open up The Package!

Major thanks to Richard Hawes for joining me! Please be sure to check out his podcast, The DTV Digest, which examines all of the films that broad theaters and go the route of DTV!

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