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Last of the Action Heroes Podcast Network

his podcast feed now has film reviews from Action Heroes Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren, Sylvester Stallone, James Bond, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mel Gibson and Steven Seagal!

One More Round: The Rocky Series Podcast
It's A Long Road: The Rambo Series Podcast
"I Must Break" This Podcast: Dolph Lundgren Podcast
Rocky Minute: Minute by Minute Podcast
SlyCast: Sylvester Stallone Filmography Podcast
Drunk Bond Pod: James Bond Podcast
Where There's A Willis...There's A Way: Bruce Willis Podcast
All '90s Action, All The Time! Podcast
VAN DAMMIT: Jean Claude Van Damme Podcast
Hugging the Cactus: Mel Gibson Podcast
Round 14 Podcast



Mar 22, 2023

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This week we discuss Marvel Avengers Campus and films with the wonderful co host Sophia!

Mar 10, 2023

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This week, Rick and Tony discuss some of the most motivating movie scenes. also our fitness challenge. hope you enjoy the show. please share, like and subscribe if you do

Feb 24, 2023

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In this episode Rick and Tony discuss Rocky training montage and how Sly has influenced people to get involved in fitness.

Feb 18, 2023

This week we discuss the Creed films with special guest co host Rock Babcock. Hope you like the show, if you do please share, like and subscribe.

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Feb 12, 2023

We discuss the Underdog with my special guest co host, my daughter Sophia. The underdog can be applied to a lot in life, hope you enjoy

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