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Mar 8, 2023

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Join us as we continue our All '90s Bond mini-season. This time on our whistle-stop tour of the Brosnan era (minus Die Another Day) we are looking at the oft-slighted but actually in our opinion (or well Scotts really) one of the most underrated Bond adventures "Tomorrow Never Dies."

Sadly, due to being busy with super-villiany Craig could join in the fun for this one but your regular host Scott once again called on the assistance of Namely '90s Brandon Schwitter to delve into this one. Over the course the episode we debate Elliot Carver's (Jonathan Pryce) villain credentials, Bond's spying ability in this adventure and if Richard Stamper (Gotz Otto) is an under-utilised henchmen. Plus we get into how Teri Hatcher has less screen-time than you remember, it's great action set-pieces and the greatness of Michelle Yeoh.