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Jun 30, 2022

Join Scott, Kyle and Craig as they wrap up the epic Seagal journey and celebrate their favourite films, villains, and moments of Seagal’s 90s filmography in our season closer.

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Before we get to that, though, first the trio talk about 1998’s The Patriot (not to be confused with the much more famous Mel Gibson film). A film that is notable in several ways as not only is it Seagal’s first DTV effort but it also a movie that feels weirdly relevant feature as it does a pandemic and a right-wing militia. Not that that makes it good. No, this is still a film portraying Seagal as the world’s greatest immunologist, which is every bit as silly as that sounds.

Elsewhere in the episode the trio discuss why this film is often cited as one of Seagal fan’s least favourite Seagal efforts, how LQ Jones steals the film and how for all it’s rubbishness we can tell director Dean Semler is an accomplished cinematographer if not a good storyteller.

Lastly, Scott rounds up the rest of Seagal 90s and we briefly discuss the 00s Seagal efforts you should give a shot.