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Apr 30, 2022

Join hosts Scott Murphy and Kyle Hintz as they continue their 90s Seagal journey with a plot breakdown of the 1990 movie "Marked for Death." In this one, Seagal single-handedly takes out the Jamaican Posse gang problem! What is that? Political incorrectness ahoy, you say! Well, you would be right, although this film is definitely 100% not racist. How do we know? Well, the movie regularly reassures it is very much not at regular intervals. Look, as Seagal enjoys reggae music and Keith David patronisingly accepts the Jamaican people. Heck, there is even a Jimmy Cliff cameo, so there!


Elsewhere in the episode, Scott and Kyle celebrate Basil Wallace's excellent villain performance and Seagal's best on-screen buddy partnership (with the aforementioned David). They also try to work out what Joanna Pacula's character Leslie is actually a professor of, marvel at Seagal's ability to shoot with his eyes closed and mark out for the greatest villain death in any Seagal film (and one of the best in '90s action cinema to boot!).

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"All '90s Action, All The Time" is produced by Scott Murphy, Kyle Hintz and Craig Draheim. Music by Elyssa Vulpes. Editing by Scott Murphy.