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This podcast feed now has film reviews from Action Heroes Bruce Willis, Dolph Lungren, Sylvester Stallone, James Bond and Steven Seagal & Arnold Schwarzenegger!

I Must Break This Podcast: Dolph Lungren Podcast
Rocky Minute: Minute by Minute Podcast
SlyCast: Sylvester Stallone Filmography Podcast
Going The Distance: The Rocky Series Podcast
Drunk Bond Pod: James Bond Podcast
Where There's A Willis...There's A Way: Bruce Willis Podcast
Hard for Justice: A Steven Seagal Podcast &
Six Degrees of Schwarzenegger


Nov 22, 2021

ALWAYS BET ON BLACK, and on our 3rd episode on PASSENGER 57! Listen as we discuss permanent sunset, Rane’s aristocratic roots, ice cream etiquette, mom and pop airstrips, murderous math problems, braided leather belts, and gambling tips from Cutter.
This episode covers 33:00 - 47:20; Cutter vs Vincent,...

Nov 20, 2021

In the final episode of our fantastic journey through BLOODSPORT, we discuss the world’s least suspenseful semi-finals, Chong Li’s cheating ways, Frank Dux’s dubious life story, and getting drunk in a hospital.

This episode covers 1:09:30 -1:29:00; Frank wins his semi-final, Chong Li kills his opponent, Frank...

Nov 20, 2021

In the 4th chapter of our bad ass look back at BLOODSPORT, Kevin and John examine the hubris of Kumite fighters, nut punches, soul searching montages, Frank’s chronic tardiness, and why you should never try to start your own chant.

This episode covers 52.38 - 1:09:30; Kumite Day 2 kicks off, Frank beats Sumo guy, Chong...

Nov 20, 2021

Do we need to hear the innermost thoughts of a baby? What's the best dinner topics to bring up on a date? Join us as we discuss Look Who's Talking(1989) the 80s in general and all other Bruce Willis topics!


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Nov 20, 2021

In the third episode of our epic breakdown of BLOODSPORT, John and Kevin are back to discuss Stan Bush, Ray Jackson’s (lack of) technique, the menace of Bolo Yeung, and Frank Dux - sexual ninja.

This episode covers 33:50 - 52: 38; Frank Dux prepares for combat, the Kumite begins, military police close in on Frank,...