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Last of the Action Heroes Podcast Network

This podcast feed now has film reviews from Action Heroes Bruce Willis, Dolph Lungren, Sylvester Stallone, James Bond and Steven Seagal & Arnold Schwarzenegger!

I Must Break This Podcast: Dolph Lungren Podcast
Rocky Minute: Minute by Minute Podcast
SlyCast: Sylvester Stallone Filmography Podcast
Going The Distance: The Rocky Series Podcast
Drunk Bond Pod: James Bond Podcast
Where There's A Willis...There's A Way: Bruce Willis Podcast
Hard for Justice: A Steven Seagal Podcast &
Six Degrees of Schwarzenegger


May 4, 2019

Join Ryan as he interviews John Rivoli of Icons In Art  In this interview we talk about how John was able to present his masterpiece original artwork of Rocky to Sylvester Stallone himself. We talk about this very meeting,his partnership with MGM as the official artist of the Rocky franchise, his collaborations with Sly, and many more stories.