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Last of the Action Heroes Podcast Network

This podcast feed now has film reviews from Action Heroes Bruce Willis, Dolph Lungren, Sylvester Stallone, James Bond and Steven Seagal & Arnold Schwarzenegger!

I Must Break This Podcast: Dolph Lungren Podcast
Rocky Minute: Minute by Minute Podcast
SlyCast: Sylvester Stallone Filmography Podcast
Going The Distance: The Rocky Series Podcast
Drunk Bond Pod: James Bond Podcast
Where There's A Willis...There's A Way: Bruce Willis Podcast
Hard for Justice: A Steven Seagal Podcast &
Six Degrees of Schwarzenegger


Nov 17, 2018

Ryan in joined again by the hosts of the SuperUgly show Rocky and Ritchie !

We discuss all things Rocky and specifically the Scene where Adrian tells Rocky that he can't beat Drago, in fact it's SUICIDE !

The Rocky Series Podcast: Going The Distance on Facebook

All of the SuperUgly Show got to