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Last of the Action Heroes Podcast Network

his podcast feed now has film reviews from Action Heroes Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren, Sylvester Stallone, James Bond, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mel Gibson and Steven Seagal!

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Round 14 Podcast



Jan 21, 2018

Tim played opposite Milo Ventimiglia as Rocky Jr's best friend in Rocky Balboa. We discuss working with Jason Statham in the movie SAFE, being a character on All My Children, being 'friends' with Jesse McCartney , being on the pilot of Oz - HBO with John Seda, working with Matt Damon and John Turturro in Rounders directed by John Dahl, and most importantly hanging with and being directed by Sylvester Stallone.
We also discuss his future project in which Tim is writing and directing called Bartender's Song the movie starring Tony Devon, David Paul and Keisha Zollar.
We also talk about his work in "Killer Instinct" the must see horror movie of 2001 starring Corbin Bernsen, Dee Wallace and Paige Moss. Tim, you promised to send me the movie !!
We also dive into his time playing Ryan Leaf in the movie "Leaf"