The Rocky Series Podcast: Going The Distance

Super fans and brothers Ryan and Ruban talk all things Rocky on our weekly podcast. We want you guys to join in the discussion too !
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Jun 15, 2018

Ryan is alone in Fiji and I decided to just say hi to you listeners of the show and share my thought on Sylvester Stallone news and the Movie Creed II. 

Mar 17, 2018
We talk with Tommy Trisha Morrison , widow of Tommy David Morrison (January 2, 1969 – September 1, 2013) Tommy was an American professional boxer who competed from 1988 to 1996, and held the WBO heavyweight title in 1993. He retired from boxing in 1996, but returned for two more fights in 2007 and 2008, respectively. Morrison is also known for starring alongside Sylvester Stallone in the 1990 film Rocky V.
In August 2013, ESPN reported that Morrison's mother Diana disclosed that Tommy had "full-blown AIDS" and was "in his final days." She also stated that Morrison had been bedridden for over a year. The same article also stated Trisha, did not believe Morrison had AIDS. It is this later claim that Ryan tackles.
This in depth interview covers a wide range of surprising , touching and revealing stories.

Jan 22, 2018

Just an not panic !!

Jan 21, 2018
Tim played opposite Milo Ventimiglia as Rocky Jr's best friend in Rocky Balboa. We discuss working with Jason Statham in the movie SAFE, being a character on All My Children, being 'friends' with Jesse McCartney , being on the pilot of Oz - HBO with John Seda, working with Matt Damon and John Turturro in Rounders directed by John Dahl, and most importantly hanging with and being directed by Sylvester Stallone.
We also discuss his future project in which Tim is writing and directing called Bartender's Song the movie starring Tony Devon, David Paul and Keisha Zollar.
We also talk about his work in "Killer Instinct" the must see horror movie of 2001 starring Corbin Bernsen, Dee Wallace and Paige Moss. Tim, you promised to send me the movie !!
We also dive into his time playing Ryan Leaf in the movie "Leaf"
Jan 5, 2018

Join Ryan and Ruban as we further dissect Rocky IV. In this episode we discuss Drago's punching power, and further idiocy that is SICO the Robot.

Dec 29, 2017
Join Ryan as he interviews the talented and lovely singer Ira Green! I stumbled upon her due to her amazing coverage of Survivor Band's "Eye of The Tiger" featuring video clips of her trip to Philadelphia. She did the The Yo, Rocky Film Tour with Rocky impersonator extraordinaire Mike Kunda. She later covered Robert Tepper's "No Easy Way out", and gives ol' Tepps a run for his money.
In this interview Ira talks about her childhood and how she was influenced by bands like Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and Alice in Chains. We talk about bullies, her first time watching Rocky, the Italian language, and the time she spent on reality competition The Voice of Italy and we give each other homework assignments.
Ira's Facebook page:
Official website:
Dec 21, 2017

Well, we are here folks! We interviewed Robert Tepper ! The one and only and original singer of "No Easy Way Out', featured in the Rocky IV soundtrack. Robert was generous with his time and talent as he talked to Ryan and Ruban.


Dec 10, 2017
Ryan and Ruban get back to talking about Rocky IV. Apollo swims with 3 hairy dogs in his pool. He has a TV that far exceeds the technology of the day, never mind SICO the Robot!  Drago enters the USA, he also dated Grace Jones ! Ludmilla Drago is a diplomat at heart! 
Robert Tepper interrupts our show a few times, we are sorry for that too. 
Dec 2, 2017
Join Ryan as he interviews Documentary filmmaker Jim Toscano
The film is "The Pretender"
This documentary film takes you inside Mike Kunda’s life, revealing the origins of Mikes fascination with the Rocky character and how it continues to shape his life.
Mike has spent the last 40 years of his life focusing on every aspect of the Rocky films and on his fictional hero Rocky Balboa. Mike searches to find meaning in his Rocky obsession and to become the person he really wants to be. Mike's journey is an emotional trip through themes of obsession, passion and inspiration, in the end showing that even the most seemingly unrealistic goals might prove to offer the most rewarding and fulfilling life of all.
Nov 26, 2017

Join Ryan and Special Guest Christopher Gough of the Stallone Fanatics podcast as we dissect the 2002 classic film Avenging Angelo starring Sylvester Stallone , Madeline Stowe and Anthony Quinn. We took this challenge from fellow podcaster and friend Craig Cohen of the SlyCast - The Sylvester Stallone Fan Podcast. We watch and review the film, so you don't have to.


Nov 18, 2017

Here we go. Time to talk about a sensitive subject. Join Ryan and Ruban as we figure stuff out. We discuss the news on Sylvester Stallone. We love Rocky, but this was a tough episode.

Nov 12, 2017
Here we go folks. The Holy Trinity of Sylvester Stallone podcasts. Join Ryan of The Rocky Series Podcast: Going The Distance, Christopher Gough of Stallone Fanatics and Craig Cohen of SlyCast - The Sylvester Stallone Fan Podcast. We discuss how we started our respective podcasts, being  Rocky and Rambo fans and all things Stallone.
Escape Plan
The Expendables
Slycast Podcast
Nov 2, 2017

Join Ryan and Ruban start the amazing journey that is Rocky IV. We discsuss the opening scenes of the film, the movies that Stallone did in between Rocky III and Rocky IV. We recorded live with online guest chiming in ! Robert Tepper cameos through out. 


Oct 24, 2017

Ryan is joined again by Super Fan Mat

Mat talks all things Rocky and Sylvester Stallone. 

Season 3 is now over ! Next will be Season 4 Rocky IV !

Find Mat and all of his projects here:


Stallone Fanatics

Oct 15, 2017

Join Ryan and Guest host Kyle Pederson as we wrap up Rocky III !

The rematch takes place at Madison Square Garden. Apollo lends Rocky his American flag trunks that he wore during their first match. As the match is under way, Rocky sprints from his corner, fighting with a level of skill and spirit that no one, including Lang, expected. As a result, Rocky completely dominates the first round, demonstrating his new-found speed. After the bell rings, Lang is in a fit of rage and has to be restrained by his trainers.

In the second round, Lang gains the upper hand and Rocky adopts an entirely different strategy that bewilders Apollo by intentionally taking a beating from Lang, even getting knocked down twice but getting up both times before he is counted out while taunting Lang that he cannot knock him out.

By the third round, Lang, who is used to winning matches swiftly with knockouts in the early rounds, becomes increasingly furious over Rocky's taunts and quickly exhausts his energy trying to finish Rocky off with repeated knockout blows, which Rocky quickly begins to block or dodge entirely. With Lang winded and vulnerable, Rocky seizes the opportunity and throws his energy into increasingly damaging combinations on a winded and outboxed Lang, capping off with four huge straight left haymakers and a right hook to the head. As a result, Lang goes down for the count and Rocky re-claims the heavyweight championship.

Afterwards, Rocky fulfills Apollo's vague "big favor": a private rematch with him at Mickey's gym. However, this time they are fighting in the spirit of friendly competition rather than as fierce rivals. The film concludes with both of the fighters throwing their first punch simultaneously, and the winner of this final 'rematch' behind closed doors is left unknown (but is later revealed in Creed to be Creed).


Sep 27, 2017

Join Ryan as he and Chris discuss all things Stallone and Rocky. Be sure to check out his podcast Stallone Fanatics

Sep 20, 2017

Join Ryan and Ruban as we record live Episode 59!
Tonight we finally breakdown the Rocky III training montage !! Rocky and Apollo frollick and laugh and embrace ! It is truly a glorious moment 

Sep 11, 2017

Join Ryan and Ruban as they breakdown the famous Rocky and Adrian beach scene in Rocky III. Rocky tells Adrian why he hasn’t been training properly with Apollo.


Sep 4, 2017

Rocky truly cannot sing or dance, but Apollo will do all he can try to train him like one of his own.

Join Ryan and Ruban as we navigate the jungle of political correctness in this episode of our continuing discussion of Rocky III . Paulie makes it very hard for us to redeem him.


Aug 29, 2017

Join Ryan and guest host Kyle as we discuss the beginning moments of Apollo and his training of Rocky! Paulie also shows his true colors regarding color.

Aug 20, 2017

In this Episode Join Ryan and Ruban as we discuss how Apollo propisitions Rocky! They get curious, and quite frankly, we get curious too. 

Aug 12, 2017

Join Ryan as he interviews Derek Wayne Johnson director and producer of the the new documentary John G. Avildsen: King of the Underdogs. John g Avildsen was the director of Rocky and The Karate Kid. 

This was an incredible interview and a real pleasure to do. Be sure to buy his movie !

Aug 6, 2017

Join Ryan as he is a guest on the Podcast 'Your Weekly Top Six"

Hosts Michael Tocci and Adam Lees were gracious enough to allow Ryan to come on their show, to discuss what films make the top 6 list in Stallone's amazing career.  Believe it or not, but Stallone has films outside of Rambo and Rocky ! Do you agree with our lists?


Follow "Your Weekly Top 6" on Twitter at




Jul 29, 2017

Join Ryan as we go to where our podcast has never gone before.

We talk with Patti Negri. Patti is a psychic-medium and “good” witch. She was voted number one psychic, medium, tarot reader and witch / magical practitioner in the world for 2014 - 2015. She has recently graced 6 magazine covers including American Psychic & Medium, Art, UFO and Supernatural, 4th Dimension, Parapsychology and Mind Power, Extraterrestrials Magazine and Stars Illustrated and contributed or been a part of over 20 books, several of which are Amazon Bestsellers. Patti is honored to be considered one of the best psychics in LA, US and around the world as evident by her winning these awards for the past 3 consecutive years.
Patti’s working style is magical, loving and upbeat -- which creates a positive, safe and fun environment for you to learn, grow and heal. 

We got a hold of her because she had a bit part on the set of Rocky III. She discusses her time with Sylvester Stallone and Frank Stallone. She has also been on many episodes of ‘Ghost Adventures’.  Enjoy the journey of this episode !


Check out her full IMDB at

Jul 22, 2017

The Rocky Series Podcast Episode 51 Part 2 is up !

Episode synopsis :

Ryan is joined by guest host Tyler Morgan. He is a fellow Canadian, but more importantly he is a fellow Rocky fan!

In this episode we discuss the Mickey’s death and Rocky's loss in the ring, at the hands of Clubber. At the end of the episode stand by at the cast of Rocky III pay tribute to Burgess Meredith !
Sylvester Stallone
Burt Young
Talia Shire
Carl Weathers

Tyler's children book can be bought here:

We also discuss Tyler’s comedy that can be found at

And their YouTube Page found here:

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